Fun Dive

Fun Dive

1 heure

Transfer is  not included. If you need transfer from your hotel, contact us ! (10€/day per diver, 19€/day per non-diver).

Equipment rental is not included. Full equipement : 25€/day


If you are a certified diver (FFESSM, PADI, IANTD, SSI, NAUI, CMAS, ..) we offer guided dives on the different sites of Mononaftis Bay.

The dives are made from the shore on various sites; you will be supervised by a guide who will make you discover all the beauty of the bay and its surroundings. Dives can be made to a depth of 40 meters depending on your experience.

Ancient port, Mononaftis is protected from the wind and even, when Aeole makes his own and "nails'' the boats at the quay, the water of our bay remains calm and offers a dive in complete safety.


If you want a package of 2, 4 or 6 dives, contact us !


If you didn't dive for more than 2 years and you have less than 20 dives totally, we offer you a refresh dive which is 45€. To book it, contact us !

Our dive sites

The Island (12m – 30m) photo
The Island (12m - 30m)
The Balcony (12m – 15m) photo
The Balcony (12m - 15m)
Amphora Cave (18m) photo
Amphora Cave (18m)
Going Through (12m – 28m) photo
Going Through (12m - 28m)
The Chimney (12m – 30m) photo
The Chimney (12m - 30m)
The Anchor (40m) photo
The Anchor (40m)
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This course includes...
Tank and weights
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