Discover Scuba Diving

Transfer is  not included. If you need transfer from your hotel, contact us !

(10€/day per diver, 19€/day per non-diver).


If you are over 10 years old, this day-program offers you the opportunity to discover the feelings of freedom and tranquility that scuba diving gives you. Throughout this program, you will be accompanied by an english speaking instructor.


Without you having particular knowledge and in small groups, STAY WET DIVING CENTER makes you discover what you have dreamed of for a long time already! Lack of experience is not an obstacle, since when you arrive with us, you will follow a briefing (about 30 minutes) given by a diving instructor. He will teach you the basics of diving and introduce you to the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.


Add this unforgettable experience to your vacation!


Following this theory, you will be divided into groups of 4 people maximum and supervised by 1 instructor from the center. At no time will you be alone in the water! We are waiting for you with firm fins to guide you for 45 minutes through this fantastic world, at a maximum depth of 6 meters (regulatory depth for a first dive, 12 meters for the second). Whether it's the feeling of weightlessness, discovering the fascinating world of the sea or simply breathing easily underwater - you will quickly develop a taste for diving!


After learning the basics during this first dive, we invite you to repeat the experience during a 2nd dive during the day. During this, you will discover a completely different universe since you will leave the bay to do a slightly deeper dive (12 meters) where you will be able to observe new types of fish as well as a unique relief.


The second dive will be done around 2PM. The transfer back to your hotel will leave at 4PM. It will give you time to enjoy our beautiful beach and eat at the delicious restaurants we have at the bay.


Do not miss this day!

Minimum 10 years old
Physical condition that allows diving
This course includes...
1 Supervised dive
Full equipment
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