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What's up on the base
What's up on the base

The season is starting with a super atmosphere on the base and great weather .. sunshine and nice temperature.

Also this year we have a mix of new and "old" team members to welcome you into the clear Mediterranean sea with a great visibility.







... in may is reproducing period for the fishes and fishing is forbidden?


... 71% of our world is coverd with water and is worth discovering and protecting it from pollution !!



Our team

New dive base - new team!

Manos - our new baseleader, technician and greek instructor; responsible for your safety under water he will assure you are having a great and safe dive! He also will be your personal guide during Sea-Doo Safaris



Mathieu- our french instructor; together with Manos he will show you around the bay and make sure you come out with a smile



Giannis - our greek divemaster; his years of experience as a lifeguard make him a valuable team member



Guillermo - not only our PADI instructor, but also our CMAS moniteur in our team; he loves the mediterranean sea and will be happy to explain you the underwater life in our area



Dimitri - our belgium instructor and dog-lover; always with a smile and humor, ready to assist all children with patience and fun!



Patrick - the bavarian part; newly certified instructor with a lot of dives will round up our team this year; Just arriving from Australia he will go "down - under" for this summer with us in the mediterranean sea



Anne - our allround-girl at the reception and the sales; if you have any questions, need an explanation of our program or simply require some information - she will remind you that diving is for everybody and something not to miss during your holidays!



Katharina - our new support in the office; Speaking a lot of languages, she will be happy to answer your mails, book your diving excursion and assure the running of the organization.




... and not to forget our internship students:

Sophie, Thomas and Thibault


Are You ready to get your diploma?!

Don't miss the opportunity to discover a new world!
After successfully participating in a Discover Scuba Diving you can enroll in a Scuba Diver Cours or the Open Water Diver Course.
The lessons, from Scuba Diver to Advanced Open Water Diver, take place any time and regardless of the number of participants. No minimum students are required anymore and the groups are kept individually and small.

.......... Don't think and dream of yesterday - live and enjoy it today !

We have the tools to make your dre
am come true. With individual courses and few participants, experienced and professional instructors you can get out the maximum of your vacation.
Don't miss to check out this page regularly to see what we are up to!

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