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Discover Scuba Diving

J u m p  i n t o  f u n  a n d  a c t i o n!

Nothing compares to the freedom, serenity and adventure you will find during this day - it’s a new sensation. A relaxing day, full of unforgettable moments! If you are over the age of 10 and without any diving knowledge, this program offers you the great opportunity to experience fun and excitement of diving in only one day of your vacation.

You will follow a course of instructions (duration of about 45 minutes) given by an instructor speaking French, English, German, Dutch or Greek. Other languages are on request. He will explain you the basics of diving and the most important things to know before going under water. After the theory you will be split in small groups of 4 people experiencing their fist dive, guided by 3 diving professionals. We are the only diving center in Crete offering you this personal service for a resonable price. You will never be left alone from us under the water! "Step-by-Step" our guides will introduce you to a new world full of fascination during a dive of 45 minutes and a maximum depth of 10 meters.

With us you will experience the thrill of breathing underwater and the sensation of weightlessness in the sea!

During the tour we will show you the inhabitants of the Mediterranean sea like sponges, sea stars, octopus, snails, different kind of fishes and with a little bit of luck you will also see dolphins, barracudas or seahorses.

Before and after your unforgettable experience you have the possibility to take your lunch in one of the taverns, stay on the beach or walk along the hiking trails. Or just take the snorkeling equipment that is at your disposition during the whole day and discover Crete's underwater world from the surface.


Add this unforgettable experience to your holidays!

At the end of the day each participant will receive a certification card of the Discover Scuba Diving Course from the diving instructor. At the same time there will be personal digital underwater shots available at the shop.

After this program, your are allowed to dive with us for 14 more days without the theorie lesson under direct supervision of a divemaster or instructor, or you can do a course to become a certified diver. Check this on our site under Certifications.